Food bank


The Food Bank Ministry started in July 2012. Our mission is to spread the love of Christ by alleviating hunger within our community. Our partners, Feeding America Southwest Virginia, Food Lion, God’s Pit Crew, Little Cesar’s Pizza, along with monetary donations make it possible to provide food, clothing, comfort and hope to our community. Negril Day Services Program also supports the ministry on our delivery days


If you want to be a part of this impactful ministry, please feel free to contact Theresa Murphy. All volunteers and donations are welcomed! We are here to serve this amazing community we worship in with the Love and Empathy that Jesus has for us!

Volunteer positions:


Complete SDI Forms

Sheets

Box preparers

Food Pick up  - (from Little Cesar’s, Food Lion, God’s Pit Crew and Feeding America)

Box Handlers



Distribution dates


Usually held on the Thursday prior to the Saturday distribution, which is also the day we prepare the boxes starting at 4:30 PM


Distribution is on Thursdays before the 3rd Saturday and the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Thursday at 6:00 PM for Vance Street Members

Saturday at 9:00 AM for Vance Street and the Community

  March 14th                    June 13th                                     September 19th

April    15th           July – no distribution                     October 17th

     May 16th                    August 15th                            November 14th

                                                                                              December 19th 



March 16th                     June 15th                                       September 21st

April    17th                     July – no distribution               October 19th

      May 18th                         August 17th                                  November 16th

                                                                                              December 21st