Awards & Recognition

Celebrate with us as we highlight the awards and recognition received by Vance Street Missionary Baptist Church and it's ministries. We are deeply grateful for the outstanding contributions and dedication of our congregation, which have enriched our church community and inspired meaningful change in the lives of many.

  • UNCF - The College Fund: #1 Contributor Church

    2007 - Vance St. Baptist Church

    2008 - Vance St. Baptist Church

    2009 - Vance St. Baptist Church

    2018 - Vance St. Baptist Church

  • Relay for Life

    2016 - 3rd Place - Team Fundraising - Vance Street Victors

  • Danville Riverview Rotary Christmas Parade

    2022 - 1st Place - Non-Commercial Floats

  • Massey cancer center - VCU

    In honor of their qualifying program proposal, as an effort to positively impact cancer prevention, early detection and ease the cancer burden vor Virginians, VCU Massey Cancer Center is pleased to partner with Vance Street Missionary Baptist Church in the form of a Community Outreach and Engagement SEED Grant.